5 Reasons to Become A Minimalist

5 Reasons to Become A Minimalist

What is a Minimalist?

By definition a minimalist is someone who advocates or practices minimalism in art or music. My definition is someone who wants to declutter and maintain a minimalist lifestyle in some aspect of their lives. For example, I am a minimalist in the aspect that I do not have clutter in my household. I have removed all unnecessary objects from my home in order to truly focus on what is important. The area of my life where I refuse to be a minimalist is my wardrobe. I own a clothing store, and I’m a designer, so fashion is a big deal to me. I however will not keep items in my closet for the sake of keeping it.

When did your Journey begin?

In late 2016 I visited my best friend and I was in awe of how tidy her home was. Even with having two girls a dog, cat, and puppy, the energy was awesome and inviting. I knew there were some changes that could be made in my own home especially since we are five people in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Pop over to her blog and read about her impressive journey https://pathofsprinkles.wordpress.com/category/minimalism/ Anywhoo when I returned back home from out of town the decluttering began. Pretty much any item that did not have significant or sentimental value was donated or tossed in the trash. I took pictures to show my progress and my mother told me I looked like I got robbed lol.


The Honest Truth

We have been in our home for 6 years so this time has really come and gone. We should have decluttered YEARS ago, it just has not been done or decided upon until this point. I am not completely done, but I find myself focusing on one room every week and continuing to get rid of more and more that we do not need. The thing I struggle with is trying to explain to relatives how my children do not need a ton of toys in order to be happy. Really if they had their favorite three toys they would be fine. No is going to become used more on a regular basis. It’s my belief that you should focus on what brings your family joy and move on from there. Markaus enjoys his playstation, Areli enjoys reading, sewing and cooking. MJ loves anything geared towards the Marvel Heroes. And Amiyah is a fan of Peppa Pig, Super Why, and Bed Time Stories. As for me I love blogging, cooking, decor, and fashion. 1/2 of my happiness can be explored through a laptop!

Lessons Learned

Through choosing this path I have learned a lot about myself. Focusing on having less so that you can have more is really what I have taken away through my short path of becoming a Minimalist. One of my favorite go to blogs when I am in the decluttering mood is http://www.becomingminimalist.com/10-reasons-why-minimalism-is-growing-a-k-a-10-reasons-you-should-adopt-the-lifestyle/

it really puts me into the mindset of the space I need to be in during my sessions. Since I am a numbers gal reason number one resonated well with me.


Worldwide Financial Turmoil – Rising unemployment, stagnant wages, and falling stock prices have forced families and individuals to reevaluate their purchases. Many have begun living on tighter budgets. As a result, many consumers are choosing to identify the difference between essential and nonessential purchases. – Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist.com

In a time of clear uncertainty it’s always a good idea to weigh out whether or not your purchases are essential in the long run. Really we should be making these type of decisions as responsible adults with our purchases no matter what your financial level or circumstances are. Another PRO to being a minimalist is reducing your carbon footprint on the world. If you made constant improvements to your life on a weekly basis and focused on how you could be more conscious of your spending habits, and how they impact the environment around you, we would all be doing better than what we are doing right now. I myself love to have a bottle of water waiting for me on my night stand in the morning when I wake up but I need to do better with this ritual and switch over to a glass instead.

Short Term Wins

My small victory and the area where I have seen becoming a minimalist work in my favor the most is reducing clean up times/chores throughout the week. The reality is, we buy a ton of items we don’t need. And hold on to it just because we feel an obligation to do so. Now when I make purchases I think it out a little more like do I actually NEED this item, or do I just want it? Staying on budget, and minimalism really go hand in hand. Here are some things that have helped keep me on track:

  1. Wal-Mart Grocery Store Pickup- Everyone knows that going into wal-mart stores can be overwhelming, and you can come out $100.00 over budget without realizing it until you get to checkout. You also end up buying items you don’t need. Thus your house being cluttered with mess.
  2. Knowing there is a deduction for items you take to be donated makes letting go a little easier.
  3. Teaching your children that the things they no longer use can make another child very happy to receive them.
  4. Lastly, I would take a look at the item I was planning to get rid of and decided then and  there if it had sentimental value to myself or my family. I think this is the most important step. You have to evaluate whether or not you will be ‘ok’ with losing this item

My goal is to have everything that is not needed or hold sentimental value by Spring Break in March. Which means I have a few months to clean up my act. See what I did there?   Ill post a follow up on soon!


We have been practicing Minimalism for a little over a year now and it has made a SUBSTANTIAL impact on our quality of life. I never would have thought that becoming a Minimalist would change our lives as much as it has. If you are interested in trying out a new Lifestyle, go for it! I hope that the 5 reasons listed below help!

5 Reasons to Become A Minimalist

  1. Less Clutter
  2. Less Stress
  3. A New Way of Style
  4. Finances
  5. Better Decision Making Skills

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