New Camera

New Camera

New Addition

So I am very cheap. I made up my mind that I was not going to invest $500(+) into a proper

camera. At the time I was not taking into consideration this is an investment that could possibly

turn into more money. And as a Entrepreneur I will take all the cash I can get lol! Anyway

One day while I was heading to a nail appointment I decided to stop at our local camera store

here in Northwest Arkansas named Bedford. I tried out the Canon Rebel and I was not a fan.

The Powershot allowed me the opportunity to see myself while filming and I like that perk.

ESPECIALLY because I am able to make sure I’m in focus while filming. I know you can

purchase a monitor to help with something like this, but my preference was to buy a camera that

already had this feature built in. Originally when I went to the store my plan was to play around

with a few cameras and find something I liked. BUT there was a sale going on and I was able

to walk away with a deal. Much less than what I’d anticipated paying in the beginning for sure!

What Changed Your Mind?

As I mentioned before as someone who is a Content Creator I KNEW at some point in time

this purchase was going to have to be made. It was in fact an investment for my YouTube

Channel, MPrint, Instagram, IGTV, I mean I could go on. But as you can see, the camera will

get plenty of use. I also liked how EASY it was for me as a beginner to navigate my way

around the Canon Powershot. My sister mentioned I would need to purchase Photoshop for

editing pictures and Premiere for video editing. I knew that as long as I got a camera that was

user friendly I would be able to master the other programs I needed to learn. Also, it will be

awesome to capture moments with Markaus and the kids on my new camera. That’s just an

added bonus!

3 Reasons to Buy a Camera

If you are a Content Creator, understand this is an investment for your business. In order to

create great content and videos, you are going to have to take the plunge at some point in

the near future.

You will make your money back ten fold (speaking it into the Universe for you!) Having

a great camera can open so many doors for you in terms of income. There are websites that

pay photographers to use their pictures as stock photos, monetizing your Facebook Watch

Channel, and Brand Deals through Instagram if being an Influencer is one of your many


Editing on the go. If Photoshop is not your thing..which understandable. Most cameras now

have WiFi capability and you can upload any of the pictures on your camera directly

to your phone. Using apps like Camera 360, Facetune, and Snow are available at the palm of

you hands!

Tips for Finding the Right Camera

  • Try it out! I can’t stress this enough. As much as I love Amazon and it is Bae, I could not put enough faith in the reviews associated with my particular camera to purchase it online. I needed to hold it in my hands and do a few test shots to make sure THIS camera was the right fit.
  • Read reviews AND go to the store AND YouTube from people who have already purchased the camera you have in mind. Like I said do not rely solely on their opinions when it comes to making a major purchase like this, but when you speak to the salesperson let them know the concerns you may have prior to purchasing.
  • Express to the person at your local photography store what you’re looking for in a good quality camera. When I spoke to the fella who helped me I made it very clear that I create videos on YouTube and I also want the ability to take kickass shots of travel adventures, food, easy selfie upload, etc.
  • BONUS- Stay within your price range. Don’t allow someone to upsell you just because they can. Get adjusted to your new camera and editing. Once you get that down and your Blog or Channel begins to generate income, you can always reinvest for something bigger and better.

Buyer’s Remorse…

I have no regrets! Sure there is definitely a learning curve but I am 100% up for the

challenge. I am confident that once I spend enough time with my camera, Photoshop, and

Premiere, I will be editing and posting like a pro!

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Meg May



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