How To Start A WordPress Blog Using BlueHost

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using BlueHost


In December of 2017 I wrote my very first Blog post for my website. Although I had always enjoyed writing, actually publishing my thoughts, feelings, and helpful tips onto my own site was an indescribable feeling. Add in the fact that people were actually reading and enjoying my content, well it made a gal feel awesome to say the least. That was ALMOST a year ago and I am so happy I made the leap to become a Full Time Content Creator.

When I first began blogging it was more to provide a creative outlet. As a Lifestyle Blogger I like to discuss…well ALL THE THINGS! Budgeting, Fashion, Recipes, Decor, etc. The list really does go on. And in August of 2018 I was able to leave my corporate job to pursue Blogging Full-Time. I was not expecting to be able to replace my paycheck from the corporate world with the money I make from Blogging, but I am so happy that is my reality. I enjoy being able to help people as well as inspire them to follow their dreams on a daily basis.


One important part of Blogging is deciding your Niche. That is the topic or area you are going to focus on the most while writing your posts. As I mentioned above, I am a Lifestyle Blogger as it encompasses a plethora of topics. Here are a few others to choose from:

  • Beauty
  • Natural Hair
  • Finance
  • Frugal Living
  • Recipes
  • DIY
  • Decor
  • How To
  • Fashion

Whatever “Niche” you choose it needs to be a topic you are passionate about and will not run out of things to discuss regarding your area of expertise.

Getting Set Up

I cannot tell you the amount of time I spent researching to get everything squared away with my blog. Then I stumbled upon a post that mentioned BlueHost and WordPress. I am not by any means tech savvy but I was able to get my blog up and running within 15 minutes. BlueHost makes the process very easy and for only $3.95/mo. you cannot beat the quality of their Web Hosting.

In the post below I am going to provide an easy step by step of how to get your blog up and running today!

Get Started Blogging Today

How to Start A WordPress Blog Using BlueHost

Step One: Choose/Register A Domain Name– The domain name you choose is what people type into their browser in order to get to your website. I chose because my name is apart of my brand. Make sure you choose a domain name that pairs well with your blog and your brand. One of the perks of utilizing BlueHost is you will be able to purchase your domain name and hosting service from the same provider.

Step Two: Set Up A Hosting Account and Purchasing Package

Once you have established your domain name, you’ll need to create an account for your hosting package. Enter your personal information into each field and then scroll down to the package lists (Basic, Plus, or Business Pro) and choose an option that fits your budget and service needs. Prices vary across hosting providers, but most offer add-ons, like extra security features, tools to boost search rankings, and site backup. (Pro Tip, for the BEST Pricing you will want to purchase the 36 month plan.)


Check the appropriate boxes and scroll down to enter your billing information. Take a moment to read through the terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices, then click the box to confirm that you agree with the policies. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a password and, boom, you are ready for step three: choosing your WordPress theme.

Step Three: Choose Your WordPress Theme

Here is where you get to be totally creative when it comes to your Blog and your brand. Make sure you choose a theme that fits your specific taste. I chose a black and white Minimalist Aesthetic because it fits me perfectly. There are a few free themes available and also some that you can purchase and install yourself.

Also, you have the ability to go into whatever theme you choose and make minor adjustments such as color scheme, fonts, and widget placements. Take some time to play around with your customizations to get them just how you want pertaining to your blog.

Step Four: Get to Know Your WordPress Dashboard

We are almost to the fun part, but I want to make sure you understand how important it is to learn your WordPress Dashboard. This is where it all begins. It would be in your best interest to spend some time getting EXTREMELY familiar with your WordPress Dashboard and understanding how it operates. If you ever need any assistance on this portion you can always check out YouTube as there are several helpful videos to provide you with the information you need.

You Did IT!

Pour yourself a glass of wine and celebrate because now, you’re pretty much a tech genius and Google is going to come knocking offering you a job lol. Kidding. But you should be VERY proud of yourself because you followed the easy steps above that will provide you with the tools you need to be an awesome Blogger/Content Creator.

What are you looking forward to the MOST when it comes to your Blog? I enjoy the freedom and extra income it allows me in order to spend more time with my family. After we get my store MPrint Boutique off of the ground we will be traveling and Blogging about our experiences here.

Make sure you comment down below about what you are aspiring to do once you get your blog off the ground!

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