10 Genius Tips To Get Ahead Financially

10 Genius Tips To Get Ahead Financially


Getting ahead financially is something we all want. There are so many positive things we will be able to enjoy if we could just stop living from paycheck to paycheck. And just to let you know, this is not how it’s supposed to be. Financial Freedom opens the door to creating a better life for you and your family. In this post we are going to discuss 10 Genius Tips to Get Ahead Financially. It is never too late to start being “good” with money.

No More Cable (Tip #1)

Our family has been cable free for almost 3 years now and it is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We had DirectTV and I recall our bill being upwards of $230.00/mo. Can I get a no thanks? We knew a change had to come so we decided to get rid of cable all together. An alternative is using SlingTV which is awesome! You can go in and choose the channels you watch for a low price of around $25/mo. Another alternative which we use everyday is Netflix for around $15.00/mo it covers 4 televisions in your home so you and your family can watch at the same time.

Cut Expenses (Tip #2)

Go over your budget and see where you are spending your money. This will let you know what IS needed and what you can do without. Canceling that $10.00 subscription to Spotify every month can add up and get you headed in the right direction for Financial Growth.

Grocery Pickup (Tip #3)

If you have a Grocery Pick Up option or delivery within your area I suggest you take FULL advantage of it. Because who doesn’t want to sit in their comfy PJs and order groceries from the comfort of their home? Grocery Pickup allows you to set a budget for what you plan to eat for the next few weeks and STAY within the means of that budget. When you shop in store, often times you wander off and purchase things you don’t need. Now a $150.00 grocery trip has turned into $275.00. There are no surprises with a pickup or delivery option.

Buy Generic Brand (Tip #4)

This tip ties in with tip #3 as well. During the grocery shopping process go for the off brand item instead of getting something that is name brand. The dollars will add up at check out and the products taste just as good. Trust me, I have been doing this for years. Great Value is my best friend!

Open Multiple Checking Accounts (Tip #5)

Go with me here because I am a full believer and practicing this tip as we speak. Having several checking accounts can help you get ahead financially in so many ways! Being able to use the checking accounts for what you need and organizing your money can be a breath of fresh air. Here’s an example:

  • Checking Account #1- Household Account: All income is deposited into this account. Once household expenses are paid remove all funds expect $100.00
  • Checking Account #2- Savings Account: No amount is too little to start saving. The key in saving is getting into the habit of doing so.
  • Checking Account #3- Vacation Account: Place an amount into this account to save for Family Vacation.
  • Checking Account #4- Miscellaneous Account: This account is not a free for all. It is the account you go to when you may have expenses that occur outside of the normal Household Account.

Have the Money Talk (Tip #6)

In our household we have several budget meetings. The first one is at the beginning of every month so we can see what our Household Expenses are and also discuss some things the children or we ourselves may need. We like to have a goal of what we would like to have left over every month financially so incorporating weekly budget meetings to keep us on track are extremely helpful. If you are a household of one still set aside time to review your budget for the month and think of some ways to keep yourself on track.

Incorporate a No Spend Challenge (Tip #7)

Never heard of a No Spend Challenge? Let me get you up to speed! A No Spend Challenge is when you don’t spend money lol go figure. Instead you think of other ways to spend your time. There are a TON of creative lists and ideas floating around Pinterest regarding what you can do for a No Spend Challenge.

Get a Side Hustle (Tip #8)

If you want to see your money flourish quickly and you are taking these other tips into consideration then getting a side hustle can be helpful as well. I always recommend if you are going to do so then try around the holidays when they are hiring for seasonal help. There is no commitment to stay on board once the holiday season is over.

Another tip so I guess this is a bonus edition!! Is to Start Your Own Blog. If you like the aspect of making money in your sleep that you can easily put towards getting ahead with your finances, this is a GREAT option. I mapped out an easy How To Get Your Blog Started post that you can read. And it comes with pictures lol 🙂

Use Cash More Often (Tip #9)

There are so many benefits to having a debit card but sometimes there is a downside. Mentally we swipe and sometimes we are not knowledgeable of how much money we are actually spending. I will never forget my son asking me if my Pink Card had unlimited money on it. I immediately told him this card definitely has an ending so don’t go getting any ideas. The great thing about cash is when it’s gone, it’s gone. Set up a limit for how much cash to have on hand and don’t run to the ATM when you’ve spent it all. It takes some hard word and self discipline, but I believe in you!

Be Consistent with Your Money (Tip #10)

This is where a lot of us fall short with any plan to get on the right plan financially. You are not going to gain Financial Freedom overnight. It IS going to require taking baby steps, but above all else stay the course and stay consistent. It will literally pay off in the end and you will be so happy with your results! I believe you have what it takes to get ahead and start on the right path for Financial Growth.


I hope you found these tips helpful. Make sure to leave me a comment below!



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