3 Things to Know When Shopping for New Clothes

3 Things to Know When Shopping for New Clothes

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I remember when I was talking to my best friend about Minimalism. I was hesitant to start practicing it because I didn’t want to give up my love for clothes. Which I did not have to do. You see, clothes bring me joy, and happiness. Clothes also allow me to express a current mood or feeling. Yeah, I’m one of those. So needless to say I am not that Minimalist only toting around 5 shirts and two pairs of jeans. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place lol.

After we established I would not be giving up my love for fashion, I wanted to start brain storming some ways I could have a more intentional mind set when it came to buying clothes. Instead of looking for just ONE thing I liked at a time, I created another method for myself that I hope can be helpful for you as well!

3 Things to Know When Shopping for New Clothes

  • Understand the “look” you are going for. I don’t want to wander around Target, or any online stores not knowing what I want. I often take a look at some of my favorite Fashion Bloggers’ outfits on Instagram just to get an idea of the look I am trying to create. Having a clear mind while shopping for clothes will essentially allow you to be intentional with your spending and happy with your overall purchase.
  • Create outfits, not just single pieces. This is something I am getting into with my 12 year old daughter while she’s shopping. Unlike her mama she likes to hit the actual stores while I prefer fashion at my fingertips. I explained that by buying a whole outfit you are able to recreate other looks and get the most out of your money.
  • Budget. Hello, early on in my blog I used to sign the bottom of my posts as FrugalField. I have learned that by creating a budget, and while also finding sale items, I may be able to get the biggest bang out of my buck. I established a monthly budget on what I can spend on clothes. If you are familiar with the Dave Ramsey Envelope System then this is really the same thing. For example: after all of your bills are paid you can set aside $75.00 every two weeks to spend on items you plan to purchase.

The Look

In the picture below I am showing you how I styled a few of my favorite items I purchased recently. This Faux Leopard Coat is EVERYTHING by the way. Whenever I wear it I feel extremely bougie. Lol.



There is a company I recently discovered called Afterpay where you can purchase clothing and other goods in 4 short payments. The payments are deducted every 2 weeks and you receive your items through the seller of your choosing. As someone who likes to blog about Budgeting and other Lifestyle tips I want to add in that this service is not for everyone. I decided to try it out while one of my favorite retailers BooHoo was having a HUGE 80% off sale after Christmas. My order total came to $312.00 for 20 items. Which means I spent around $16.00 per item. When I went to check out I learned I saved $437.00 with my total purchase.

Let’s be clear, as the new year was coming up I had already planned to revamp my closet. You are not actually saving money if you never planned to spend it in the first place. So if my budget was $500.00 to spend on clothes, then by spending $312.00 I did actually save money. What this meant for me and my budget was I had to give up my January and February envelope money. I was really happy with my purchases, so I am TOTALLY fine with that!

The reason I enjoy using Afterpay is because they already have a lot of the companies that I already shop with, and as mentioned above if you are already in the market for new clothes, and they are having . a sale, you can really get the biggest bang for your buck.

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  1. Rosaura Zamora-Newby
    January 31, 2019 / 11:25 AM

    So true sister! Good tips for saving money but also not just buying for the sake a buying. We must know what it is that we really want.

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