3 Incredible Tips to Master Your Jewelry Style

3 Incredible Tips to Master Your Jewelry Style

Jewelry Style

Okay so if you’ve ever been interested in trying to figure out what your individual jewelry style is, look no further! In this post, we’re going to talk about jewelry style. Almost everybody has their own jewelry style; whether that’s minimalistic and chic or bold and boho. Jewelry style is a lot like your style when it comes to fashion. You have to figure out which “look” suits you the best. Whatever your jewelry style may be, we’re going to help you to pinpoint and master it with the advice here. Take a look and soon you’ll be wearing your jewelry with confidence:

Which Metal Suits You?

1.Start by figuring out which metal best suits you. This might already be evident for you based on what you currently wear, or you might not be so sure. People with different skin tones tend to suit different metals, whether that’s silver/white gold/platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. You should pay attention to your eye color, hair color, and skin tone to get a feel for what makes you ‘pop’. Usually, one metal color will make you look alert and radiant, while another can make you look washed out. In general, the following applies:

  • Silver toned jewelry suits pink/warm undertones.
  • Gold jewelry suits cooler undertones.

However, those with neutral skin tones can usually get away with both. Just remember that you don’t have to stick to these rules if you don’t want to. Wear what you love and break the rules – this is just a guide!

You can also mix metals. Some people say you can’t, but it can seriously work!


What Style of Jewelry Do You Enjoy Wearing?

2. Now look at jewelry style. Some people like minimalistic with a slight edge, others like bright and beautiful pieces that really stand out, and others prefer natural jewelry styles with colored semi precious stones. There are a plethora of styles and preferences. You can visit this website to get a feel for various styles and figure out what you like to wear.

Of course, you may find that you like wearing different styles for different occasions. You might like wearing minimalistic jewelry day to day, but bold boho jewels at festivals and parties. That’s fine! Just have a good idea of your preferences so you can build up a fantastic collection and you always have something to go with your outfits. You’ll be able to narrow down your search for jewelry quickly and stick to the stores that offer what you love.

Who Are Your Jewelry Style Gurus?

3. If you’re still confused about your jewelry style, see if you can find style gurus to give you inspiration.  A great place to find inspo is on Instagram and ofcourse Pinterest as well. Don’t outright copy them, as this is about finding your own unique style. However, you can look to them for guidance and allow their choices to inspire you. People like Iris Apfel, for example; she has possibly the world’s largest costume jewelry collection. She ignores all of the rules, and wears multiple necklaces and bracelets at a time. She has her very own unique style, and has become known for it. Don’t try to be a copy of somebody else, or pain yourself following the rules. Stand out a little!

How will you master your jewelry style? Leave your thoughts below!


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