5 Genius Tips for Productivity When You Work from Home

5 Genius Tips for Productivity When You Work from Home

Work From Home

That title alone sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Well this post is for my people out there that quit their jobs and were excited about the idea to work from home, or in their own office setting and spent the first few weeks trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. I would LOVE to sit here and tell you that as soon as I started working for myself I set a schedule and had a smooth transition, but that didn’t happen. I fantasized several times while sitting at my desk about the idea of working from home, but when the time actually came…well I kinda froze. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you I have created 5 Tips to get you well on your way to being a productive Entrepreneur.

5 Genius Tips for Productivity

  1. Set a Schedule- I’m not saying you HAVE to wake up at 5AM every morning to get your day started because we have families and other obligations. What’s the joy in working for yourself if you have to wake up that early every day? What I’m saying is on Sunday night create your schedule for the work week along with tasks you KNOW have to be done by the end of the week.
  2. Buy A Planner-I have two planners. One is personal and the other is strictly for business. They both come from Blue Sky  because this company has never let me down in terms of design or writing space. Those two things are very important to me. Writing down what you need to do on a daily basis for your work is key in productivity.
  3. Organize Tasks- My method is to always take care of the task that will take me the longest. I have to prioritize just like I would in a normal business setting. My day goes by so much smoother when I knock out whatever is going to keep me busiest.
  4. Limit Distractions- There are times when I don’t get up and go to my office and I do want to work from home. Like today I wasn’t feeling great so putting on real clothes and going out into the world just wasn’t an option for me. However I know when I need to limit things around me that will be a distraction. If I am in writing mode I may not look at my phone until I’m done with a post. Another thing I don’t like to multi task is editing my videos for YouTube. I have to be focused when it comes to writing and video editing. So turning on Netflix as I work is a huge NO for me. I know this part may be tough but you have to explain to your family and friends that just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you’re available at all hours of the day. That was a lesson I had to learn.
  5. Take a Lunch Break- Take breaks PERIOD. You need this. A lot of times when we work for ourselves we sometimes end up working over 40 hours. The only difference is now it’s on our own watch. It is SUPER important to take breaks and just let your creative juices mute for a bit.
  6. Create Your WHY- Don’t get in the habit of performing tasks just to do them. We all have a reason as to why we chose to take this path in life and work for ourselves full time. Some of mine are flexibility, travel, uncapped income, and the ability to help others. I would also like to have an apartment space in Dallas one day. So just as a

My Story

When I first started blogging full time I would look for reasons to put off work until the next day. If you do this you are going to stunt your growth as a Content Creator and you won’t see your income flourish. Pastor Steven preached a sermon from Elevation Church about receiving a miracle but it’s ours to manage. If you want take a look at it HERE .In order to have the things you want out of life you have to work hard for them and I was taking my miracle for granted. It prompted me to write this post about productivity because as soon as I started to thank God for my current situation and make a plan to be the best Entrepreneur I could, things started happening.

We are humans and we are not going to be perfect. But if we see an issue in what we’re doing we have the ability to change it. I hope this post was helpful and gets you to leading a more productive life.

Comment below some productivity tips that you have found helpful!



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