Reasons Why Jewelry Can Look Tacky and How to Glam it Up

Reasons Why Jewelry Can Look Tacky and How to Glam it Up


Wearing accessories is an excellent way to offset any style. With the right pieces, you can create a timeless look which is as elegant as it is bold. Nothing makes a statement quite like a plunging necklace or a pair of diamond earrings. However, fashionistas don’t want to make the wrong statement. While jewelry is a friend, it is also an enemy if it comes across as cheap and tacky. The last impression you want to give off is “look at me; I’m cheap!” With that in mind, take a look at the advice below. Here’s how to glam up your jewelry game.

It’s Immature

We are all a product of our environment and that is reflected in our style. Sadly, this can result in accessories appearing childish and immature. Think of the love heart necklaces or the animal-laden bracelets or commemorative charms. Only kids wear these sorts of things regularly; adults avoid them like the plague. Whether it cost you a fortune or it was free, an immature piece always looks cheap. The trick is to shun the stuff that looks as if it’s a children’s toy and to focus on the mature items like a choker. Stay away from bright and pastel colors too as they give off the same impression.

It’s Dirty

Even legit stones and metals don’t age well. They age better than faux materials, but they still need looking after regularly. Otherwise, the dirt and grime will be the first thing people see when they spot your statement pieces, and that doesn’t scream elegance. Cleaning them couldn’t be easier as an anti tarnish cloth stops real silver and other precious metals from corroding. With a good rub down, they should maintain their integrity for a long time. Another accessible trick is to use toothpaste as the fluoride wipes away the dirt and adds a nice gloss.

It Looks Flimsy

One way to spot a fake from a genuine piece of jewelry is the weight. Because high-end manufacturers spare no expense, they are heavy without being bulky or overbearing. It’s a delicate balance that people trying to replicate the look can’t recreate. While no one will feel the weight, they may be able to spot if it’s flimsy from the way to moves. Jewelry that flops around as if it’s a fish out of water is bound to appear cheap. Always buy pieces that have weights relative to their size to prevent this from happening.

It’s Too Big

Making a statement doesn’t mean you should buy the biggest, bulkiest item possible. Often, this is a giveaway as it overpowers your style. In short, the statement is wrong. To avoid coming across as too busy and carnival-workeresque, forget giant, beaded, bedazzled pieces. Instead, ditch yours for something sleeker. A pendant may be small yet it grabs people’s attention as soon as they make eye contact.


Remember: the best things come in small packages.


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