About Me

Well Hello There

As you can tell by the name plastered all over my Blog, my name is

Megan. Hey!! Let me tell you a little bit about myself (and when I say a

little bit, you may as well grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.) When I

began blogging in late 2016 it was just a hobby. I did it when I had time,

here and there. Then it, along with my Boutique became my full-time

job in September 2018. Previous to working for my Blog and Store Full-

Time, I had 9 years invested in a career in Corporate Amercia. God

hit me with the Entrepreneur Bug and I decided to step out on faith.  I

am SO happy I did that. Oh I also film videos for YouTube and my IG

TV Account as well. I LOVE everything about being a Full-Time Content

Creator. It allows me to be creative, have fun, and support my family

while doing so. I truly believe that if you have the determination to do so, you will be able to put your hopes and

dreams out into the Universe, work hard, and make sure they become your reality.

What to Expect

I thought about being a Natural Hair Blogger, A Fashion Blogger, A Blogger that loves sharing recipes…but that kept

me in a box, and I didn’t want that. There are so many things that make up who I am and what I am passionate

about. As a Lifestyle Blogger I can share some Blogging Tips, Entrepreneurial Advice, A peek into the life of a

Mother of three kiddos, Home Decor (Totally in love with this), and some Relationship Tidbits (I have been with my

husband for ten years and it’s been the BEST time of my life!.) I also like to film about Natural Hair. So as you can

see I’m really not the type of gal that likes to have all her marbles in one basket. Multiple Streams of Income is

my game, and through my hard work I will get there! As my readers I am here to inspire you to create, provide advice

here and there, and encourage you to try something new, or just enjoy my content. Let’s have fun!